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BayWest Health & Rehab is a comprehensive, multi-disciplined practice which utilizes Chiropractic and Adjunct Therapies to efficiently and effectively relieve each patients' pain​.

Our staff of highly trained State and National Board Certified Chiropractic Physicians, BOC Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapists take pride in the treatment they deliver, making sure that each patient’s pain is their top priority.

The well-coordinated team at BayWest Health and Rehab has well over 10 years experience in the Personal Injury field (which includes motor vehicle accidents as well as slip and fall accidents.) We also, assist our patients by decreasing their pain so they can go back to performing normal Activities of Daily Living​. Our distinct focus on diagnosing, documenting and treating multi-cause trauma victims has been well recognized in the Medico-Legal Community.

BayWest Health & Rehab, where YOUR PAIN is OUR PRIORITY.


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BayWest Health & Rehab is a proud partner of the city of Clearwater's Healthy Choices Challenge Card. Signing up for this card entitles residents to discounts and deals from the Clearwater Healthy Choices Business Partners. By registering for this wonderful program you pledge to make one healthy choice each day which all of us here at BayWest Health & Rehab pledge to do. We also pledge to educate our patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to participate by signing up as well. For more information please visit the city’s website at and sign up for your card today!

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